“Plant the Seeds of Desire In the Depth of Your Soul and Allow Them to Flower on Earth”

10 Mar

“You Are Walking on the Water, Imagining the Reality You Desire to Hear and Appear In Your World”

“Every event in life contains within itself something beyond its physical experience. Flowers symbolize the growth of plantings. During winter, when nothing grows, you planted seeds, which you will harvest not only in the world of Caesar, but also in the world of the Spirit, as we all do. I urge you now to use your imagination and walk on the water. Plant the seeds of desire in the depth of your soul and allow them to flower on earth. If you do not see their harvest immediately, believe what you did, for it will come whether you recognize it or not. And do not sin against the Holy Ghost by saying something is impossible, for God is your own wonderful human imagination and nothing is impossible to imagine.”  Neville Goddard


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