“Advanced Personality Quiz”!!!

23 Jan

“Spirit: Energizer

You’re an Energizer. A true original with a great sense of humor and spontaneous streak, you’re fun to be around and love being at the centre of the action. It takes a lot to stress you out and throw you off balance. You seem pretty centred and organized right now. Your natural spontaneity means you’re fun to hang out with. Your friendships are really important to you and are a great source of support and strength.

Relationship: Warm Heart

When you’re in love, it’s as if time is standing still. Nothing beats feeling as if you’re the only two people in the world. As a Warm Heart, you’re very down-to-earth when it comes to love. It is often the simplest pleasures that bring the greatest joy. For you, a new romance often evolves from a close friendship. You want a love that feels safe and secure and believe in building strong foundations based on trust and understanding. You are a deeply loyal person, and you expect the same from your partner. A true relationship is about committing to share your life and leaning on each other in good times and bad. Quiet one-on-one time is important too. You like to dive in together and get lost in those magical feelings.

Money: Spiritualist

You like to be able to treat yourself every now and then. You have a very healthy approach to life. You know that true happiness doesn’t come from material things or possessions. It goes much deeper than that and is all about valuing those things you can’t put a price on. You like to care for those around you, and if they’re happy, you’re happy. You appreciate that both highs and lows make up the balance of life and you always try and stay spiritually strong and focused.

Health: Upbeat Energetic

You’re a bounce-out-of-bed kind of person. Healthy, positive and on top of the world. You believe in a balanced approach to living a healthy lifestyle. You enjoy exercise and eating healthily, but you’re not going to let it take over and run your life. You manage to fit physical activity around your everyday activities, and your happy-go-lucky attitude means you won’t stress about it too much.


You’re open-minded and a positive thinker, so when you get the chance to go traveling, you love to head somewhere exotic and off the beaten track.”


One Response to ““Advanced Personality Quiz”!!!”

  1. Sue Dreamwalker January 23, 2011 at 4:42 pm #

    Hi Brenda….. I think that you WON this Personality Quiz!.. On all Counts…

    Wishing you a good Week and so good to see your smiling Joyful face and very good topic on what we all should aim for in our Personality Quiz… Dreamwalker xx

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