13 Oct

“There are a variety of methods to protect yourself and your environment energetically, it really is a case of whatever works best for you. With energy work, everything is about intention, so the stronger your visualizing and intent, the more effective your protection will be.

Bubble Technique

Surrounding yourself with a bubble, sphere, or shield of light is an easy and magical way.
This could be a bright white light, a gold light, some people choose an ultra violet light as this has a very high vibration, or an electric white blue light, like a blue flame.

Imagine an egg shaped cacoon of light surrounding you entirely. Be sure to surround your entire energy field, including your aura and your roots.


You could surround your light with a cloak of purple for extra protection, imagine it as a cloak of invincibility, or visualize it as an impenetrable shield, deflecting all negativity, or heavy energy.

Mirror Deflection Shield

Using an outward facing mirror to deflect is a particularly effective method, one to use where strong shielding is sensed. Simply imagine and visualize a total solid shield, with outward facing mirror surface surrounding your entire energy field.

Energy Filter

Or you could surround yourself with an energy filter, allowing in the positive energy only. This method is one I favour, because it also lets out any negative energy you may be releasing yourself, and allows in any positive energy that is also in abundance around us all (which is important to remember).

You could make your light more diffuse if you feel more confident about your own energy and ability to stay centred and to transmute negativity.
You could ask for only positive energy to be allowed through your light, and for all negativity to be reflected or transformed into light.”


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