13 Dec

Crédito: Brenda E. Guarisma


"No es más FELIZ el que más tiene, sino el que menos necesita"


"It is not more HAPPY who more has, but who less needs" 

I Live Enjoy Thrive Evolve in TRUE HAPPINESS when LOVE is the Number 1 PRIORITY in my LIFE!!!
Truly to Feel LOVING and to Feel LOVED Constantly each instant in our daily Lives for with of The Persons 100 % Conducive for US, is the most SATISFACTORY TREASURE that We can to FIND and to BE/FEEL BLESSED in our Path and Destiny!!!
100 % Certainty I know that ONLY when I Live the FEELINGS of Feeling LOVING and to Feel LOVED in all time in all place, I fully am SATISFIED with my Existence in this World!!! Of this way, I am/Feel the Radiant Brilliant Vibrant Enthusiast Zealous Sincere Genuine Lifter Delicious Pure Purposeful Energetic Forceful Joyful Funny Unique Magical Infinite TRUE HAPPINESS in my MIND HEART BODY SPIRIT and SOUL!!!
And like this AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I really FEEL so Overly Completely FULL!!!  (((Smile))) Guiño



One Response to “ARE YOU SATISFIED?”

  1. Dreamwalker December 13, 2008 at 3:26 am #

    Arrrrhhhhh…… Me Thinks You’re IN LOVE!!!! ((((smile))))… and that makes me ((HAPPY))..xxxx Hi Brenda.. It sounds as if you re full of JOY…. and I am ((smiling)) for you xxx Hugs my friend xxx

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