16 Oct



Crédito: Brenda E. Guarisma


Photos:  newthoughtkabbalah


This night I was surfing the Web, when in a kind of Random action I found one site called “newthoughtkabbalah”… There I discovered and saw many Kabbalah Amulets and Jewelry…
The truth is that 2 of those Amulets really called powerfully to my eyes!!! Immediately I connected with Them! You know, it is like some magical that I do not know how explain it, but it always happen to Me… To the First Sight something specific calls my Attention, and It is totally my Most Favorite of All!!! (((Smile)))
Well, the first Amulet is named “HAMSA AMULET”. According to the description that I read, It could help Me to “Let no fear come through my door… Let no conflict be in my place… Let my home be filled with the Blessing of Joy and of Peace”.


This HAMSA AMULET is made in Sterling Silver with a Garnet gem.
I really Love the Silver… It is my most favorite Metal!!! In contact with my body, the Silver always is super overly Bright and Shiny!!! It likes Me!
I have seen that in some persons the silver is transformed in black and dull… I do not understand why it happens… Do You know why?
Ahhh! I am reading that the Garmet gems are used for achieving meditation states… These gems symbolize the sincere and frank Friendship; Increase the creative energy and encourage the activity.


The second Amulet is named “KABBALAH POWER RING 3 IN 1. According to the description that I read, It could help Me in “Evil Eye Protection, Healing and Freedom”. It is made in Sterling Silver, and has Powerful Hebrew Letters…
“1.- ALEPH   LAMED   DALETH give Consciousness Protection
2.- MEM   HEY   SHIN give Consciousness Healing
3.- LAMED   ALEPH   VAV give Help for Destroying the Ego.”


One Response to “KABBALAH AMULETS…”

  1. Dreamwalker October 18, 2008 at 1:40 pm #

    I love Silver Jewelry.. and have a silver braclet with Turqouise.. I wear lots of turquoise gem stones … I like these peices you have shown here..
    have a good weekend Brenda, I cant get to post pictures on your guestbook, as Explorer keeps crashing, But know your visits are still making me ((SMILE)) very wide. Hugs dear friend xxxxxxxx

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