28 Sep


Crédito: Brenda E. Guarisma


Today I was walking for my street, and when I was near to a Public Square, I heard super clear and loud the Beautiful Melody and Melancholic Lyrics of a song that I love since I was very very Child!!!
The name of this song is “MOLIENDO CAFÉ” (Crushing Coffee) By the Venezuelan Musician and Composer José Manzo Perroni.
“Moliendo Café” is a super well-known traditional popular folk Venezuelan Song. This Melody of “Moliendo Café” has been played for many varied Musicians in the entire World.
I like this song because it evokes sweet memories in Me… When I was 4 years old, in my school for first time I knew and danced this song in a cultural act there… In years subsequent, I danced several times this song in cultural acts of my school! (((Smile)))
Here I post a video with my Favorite Version of “Moliendo Café” By the Venezuelan Master Musician Hugo Blanco playing in his magnificent way his Harp!
I found this video with the music of a Nice version of “Moliendo Café” By the Spanish Singer Julio Iglesias… It likes Me too! (((Smile)))

Here the Lyrics are…




“Cuando la tarde languidece
Renacen las sombras
Y en su quietud los cafetales
Vuelven a sentir
Esa triste canción de amor
De la vieja molienda
Que en el letargo de la noche
Parece decir
Una pena de amor, una tristeza
Lleva el zambo Manuel en su amargura
Pasa incansable la noche
Moliendo Café
I must to confess that really I totally love the aroma of the Coffee when it is cooking!!! (((Smile))) For Me this smell is absolutely delicious, sensual and irresistible!!! (((Smile)))
I am remembering that a time ago, I answered the questions of a Test in “Blogthings”… The name of this Test is…
Well, it says that “I Am a Frappacino”…
And to BE a FRAPPACINO means that:
“1.- At your best, You are: FUN LOVING, SWEET, AND MODERN.

2.- At your worst, You are: childish and over indulgent.

3.- You drink coffee when: You’re craving something sweet.

4.- Your caffeine addiction level: low.”



2 Responses to “CRUSHING COFFEE…”

  1. ALISON September 28, 2008 at 8:02 am #

    Good morning xxxIm a tea person myself.Hot tea with milk and 2 sugars.I do like hot chocolate too smile smile yummy.Hope you have a good Sunday xxxali

  2. Dreamwalker October 10, 2008 at 10:14 am #

    Dropping by for a cuppa with you this morning… But I don’t drink much coffee, although I love the aroma of it… I drink Tea, and especially Nettle Tea.. ((Smile))..
    Have a great Weekend xxxx

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