13 Jul

Crédito: Brenda E. Guarisma


Right now I discovered this nice video of the song “Adoro” (I Adore)… WOWWW! “Adoro” is my most favorite song by the prolific and romantic Mexican Singer-Songwriter Armando Manzanero.
In this video of the song “Adoro”, Armando Manzanero plays the piano, and the Spanish singer David Bisbal makes an excellent interpretation of the theme!
Here and now I would like to share the Beautiful, simple and direct to the Heart Lyrics of this lovely song:
“Adoro, la calle en que nos vimos
La noche cuando nos conocimos
Adoro las cosas que me dices
Nuestros ratos felices
Los adoro, vida mía.
Adoro, la forma en que sonríes
Y el modo en que a veces riñes
Adoro la seda de tus manos
Los besos que nos damos
Los adoro, vida mía.
Y me muero por tenerte junto a mí
Cerca muy cerca de mí
No separarme de ti.
Porque eres mi existencia mi sentir
Eres mi luna, eres mi sol
Eres mi noche de amor.
Adoro, el brillo de tus ojos
Y el dulce, que hay en tus labios rojos
Adoro la forma en que me miras
Y hasta cuando suspiras
Yo te adoro vida mía
Yo, yo te adoro, vida mía.”
(“I adore, the street in that we saw each other
The night when we met each other
I adore the things that you tell me
Our happy whiles
I adore them, my life.
I adore, the form in that you smile
And the way in that you sometimes quarrel
I adore the silk of your hands
The kisses that we give to each other
I adore them, my life.
And I die to have you with me
Close next to me very near me
Not separate of you.
Because you are my existence my to feel
 You are my moon, you are my sun
You are my night of love.
I adore, the shine of your eyes
And the candy that there are in your red lips
I adore the form in that you look at me
And until when you sigh
I adore you my life
Me, I adore you, my life.”)

I love the so personal Performance that the renowned Mexican Singer-Songwriter Juan Gabriel makes of this song in this video! Excellent! (((Smile)))


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