14 May





Crédito: Brenda E. Guarisma
Today I received an e-mail from an Internet friend with this photo of an ELEPHANT…
I read that one of the spiritual meanings of the Elephant is precisely that this animal is considerate like the enemy and destructive of all the obstacles…
For this reason, looking to the elephant since a spiritual viewpoint, we could to say that this animal represents the victory and triumph of the WISDOM over the ignorance.
When we start some activity, we could to think in the Elephant like Lord of the Self-Realization. In this way, the Elephant can to help us to finish our activity with total SUCCESS!!! Guiño
“El elefante es símbolo de poder y magnitud. También por naturaleza es caprichoso y testarudo. Al ser amaestrado, con su gran fuerza natural le ayuda al hombre a vencer los obstáculos de la naturaleza, volteando para él árboles y malezas de la selva. De manera similar, la mente es caprichosa, terca y poderosa, más cuando es amaestrada logra poderes para ayudar al hombre a vencer su propia naturaleza.”

One Response to “ELEPHANT AND TRIUMPH!!!”

  1. Dreamwalker May 16, 2008 at 2:14 pm #

    ILove elephants and have several ornaments of them.. and yes the elephant to me is very much a Good spiritual symbol.. Bears and wolves too are very close to my heart x

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