1 Apr
Do you ask to me: 
SAY YOU “Goodbye”?
Crédito: Brenda E. Guarisma
(((Smile))) If you know me, you know that I never say you “Goodbye” when our conversations finish … I never will do that!  (((Smile)))
Now you want to know why I never say you “Goodbye”…
It is simple! It is not lack of courtesy… (((Smile)))
I can tell you that I never want to say “Goodbye” to who:
1.- I feel that it is super Good for me, and vice versa!!!
2.- It makes me super Happy; and I make super Happy to them!!!
3.- I feel that It gives to me youth, happiness, joy, bliss, smiles, laughs and wise teachings and Vice versa!!!
When I feel like this with Somebody or with Something, I always want to stay with them until the INFINITE!!! To Stay today, tomorrow and Forever!!! Guiño
Can you to understand why I do not want to say YOU “Goodbye”?

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