6 Mar
Who dictates the INTENTIONS to the MIND and the HEART?

Crédito: Brenda E. Guarisma
I do believe that our intentions be good or bad will be materialized in the true and physical world… For this reason, it is very important to put attention to our intentions!
I can to confess you that I have several great intentions in my life (((Smile))). For example, one of them is precisely to live 300 years old looking and feeling like I look and feel right now!!! I believe that it is totally possible!!! Do you believe that it is possible?
In reality, this is an experiment that I am doing with myself… When I be 300 years old, I will tell you the results of my experiment (((Smile))).
Well, I believe that the body always does what the mind and the heart want. I mean the mind and the heart control to the body! For this reason the body carries out the intentions of the mind and the heart.
But who controls to the mind and the heart? Who dictates the intentions and ideas to the mind and the heart?
Well, I believe that at times could to be another person; at times the own ego; at times the true myself; and at times The Supreme and Universal Source of Energy, that I like to name GOD!!!


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