23 Feb



Crédito: Brenda E. Guarisma
Some days ago, I read this quote by the excellent author of Books Paulo Coelho: “When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change.
I know that this fact happened much time ago, but today I saw this video for first time in my life!!! WOW! How change!!! It is a variety of emotions that I feel, when I see the drastic cut of hair of the leader voice of the group Jarabe De Palo:



I believe that many of the old paradigms are changing!

It is so incredible and for many people it is overpowering… Still, some people deny, object, resist to the changes. But the changes are happening…

And I really believe that the better option is to FLOW in a very FLEXIBLE way with the changes!

I hope so! We can make good use of the infinite opportunities of all those changes… For to build better human beings; better societies –more fair, tolerant, humanist, compassionate, spiritual -!!!

I like this text that Renny Yagosesky writes in his book “El Mensaje De Los Sabios”:

“Aprovecha las oportunidades.
Solo estando alerta puedes verlas.
Si te encuentras preparado y decidido.
Si miras más allá de su disfraz.
Si logras traducir sus códigos.

Aprovecha las oportunidades.
No las ignores ni las desprecies…
No las dejes esperando sin respuesta…

Aprovecha las oportunidades.
Ellas suelen exigirte algo a cambio.
Son cheques al portador muy impacientes,
Que otros cobrarán si los ignoras…
Son dádivas de Dios por créditos acumulados.
Intereses ganados con amor e inteligencia.
Los que tienen miedo de vivir, las abandonan.
Los que se creen inmerecedores, ni siquiera las buscan.”

(“Take advantage of the opportunities.
Only being alert you can see them.
If you are ready and decided.
If you look at beyond of their fancy dress costume.
If you achieve translate their codes.

Take advantage of the opportunities.
Don’t ignore them not look down on them…
Don’t leave them waiting without response…

Take advantage of the opportunities.
They usually demand something of you.
They are very impatient checks to the carrier, that other will charge if you ignore them…
They are gifts of God for accumulated credits.
Investments won with love and intelligence.
Those with fear to live, abandon them.
Those believing that they don’t deserve them, not even to look for them.”)


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