23 Feb
Como la Avispa Rosa!!!



Crédito: Brenda E. Guarisma
Today I danced with Ángel in his excellent class. It was super funny! With a very varied musical repertoire!!! Later that I dance the delicious music, really I feel super happy, smiling and alive!!!
In the Gym, a woman that I did not know came to me and said me: “Congratulations! You dance spectacular!” (((Smile))) She was with a little girl – I suppose that the child is her daughter -. This little girl looked at me with an enormous smile. It was funny, because in her mouth was missing several teeth. And her eyes had this special brightness that I love. The child said to me: “I want to dance like you!” (((Smile)))
Right now, I am thinking that really the fever of joy is infectious! Super YES!!! The good vibe and the good energy are transmitted of one person to another person!!!
I want to be and to feel harmony, peace, goodness, happiness, wisdom, vitality, bliss, joie de vivre, true, fun, compassion, abundance, forgiveness, balance, courage and LOVE!!! I will connect with the Supreme Source Of Pleasure… There, I will get all these ingredients!
Please, if you can and want, get those ingredients too!!! Like this we could to transmit the good vibe and good energy to other! Guiño
Thank you!!!


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