12 Feb


Crédito: Brenda E. Guarisma
Little minutes ago I was chatting with my Turkish friend KORAY. He is a very nice boy that I knew on Internet.
He studies Economics at the University in Istanbul. Koray is 19 years old.
Each time that I chat with him, he says me that he wants a foreign girlfriend. Even, he has asked for me that I help to him to find a girlfriend for him… Of course! I have said to him that it is a very personal subject and search… I can not help him in that!
Well, today Koray and I were chatting when suddenly he said me: “Brenda, can I ask you a question?”… I answered to him that “yes!”… Our chat continues like this:
“KORAY: Do you want to get married with me?
KORAY: Do you want to get married with me?
BRENDA: Hey Koray, why do you want to get married with me?
KORAY: Because you like me
BRENDA: But to get married with another person is something very serious!
KORAY: Yes! I am talking you very seriously
BRENDA: Hey Koray, you impress me with that
KORAY: I am respectful
BRENDA: I know Koray! Me too! I am respectful with you too!
KORAY: What is your religion?
BRENDA: My religion is the LOVE and the COMPASSION!!!
KORAY: What is the name of your religion?
BRENDA: I said to you my religion! With No name… It is only LOVE to GOD!!!
KORAY: Your religion is OK like my religion. Do you know my religion name?
BRENDA: I suppose that you are a Muslim
KORAY: Yes! Do you want to be a Muslim? It is very nice and good
BRENDA: No my friend… I like my religion with no name, no limits… I respect your religion… For me, your religion is sacred and very interesting! But I prefer to continue with my religion!
KORAY: I am not a missionary, but I want your favour. Do you believe in the other world? Later of dying?
BRENDA: I believe that Yes! I do believe that our world and our life is a test! Only God knows if we did Super Good our life!
KORAY: This is true. Do you know? You are a Muslim LOL. Because you believe in my religion rules
BRENDA: Well, I believe that those are general and very super WISE rules!!!
KORAY: Muslims believe in general and very super WISE rules. And you are a Muslim now LOL
BRENDA: (((Smile))) Ay Koray! You are a super nice boy!
KORAY: Brenda, if I don’t forget you are 32 years old?
BRENDA: Yes! I am 32. And you?
KORAY: 19. Why do not want you to get married? You are waiting for what?
BRENDA: (((Smile))) I am waiting to the person that I really love
KORAY: This is good
BRENDA: Super Yes!
KORAY: But if you don’t come on Turkey, you can’t to see to whom you really love LOL
KORAY: Turkish boys are real love. And I do not see your body or face or age, I only see your heart. Every Turkish boy thinks like me
KORAY: And if you want get married with me
KORAY: You must to know
KORAY: I am ready for you!
KORAY: You must know it
BRENDA: (((Smile))) Ay Koray!!! Your words are really beautiful for me!!! Although really I do not want to get married with you… I am very pleased and flattered with your words for me!!! Tesekkür Ederim my friend!!!


  1. Magnolia March 28, 2008 at 5:06 pm #

    Very nice !!!   😉

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