JAG ÄLSKAR DIG!!! (My lessons of Swedish)

24 Dec
(My lessons of Swedish)
Crédito: Brenda E. Guarisma
        The last Saturday in the night I knew to Jan on Internet. He is a very funny and nice young man from Sweden. We talk for microphone a long while, and we laughs overly, like if we were friends of before. This was a super fantastic night!!!
        Jan taught me several words and phrases in Swedish!!! This language likes me!!! Well, I heard it for first time in my life with Jan… But it sounds very nice!!!
        I want say Super Thank You to Jan, for to be right now min komipes (my Friend)!!! (((Smile)))
        And I would like to say these phrases to a Special Person:
1.- Jag vill dig min komipse! = I want to be your friend!
2.- Jag vill danssar meg dig! = I want to dance with you!
3.- Tack ska du ha! = Thank you very much!
4.- Kiss för dig! = Kiss for you!
5.- Jag mycket glad när jag pratar med dig! = I am very happy when I am with you!
6.- Jag vill stannar med dig! = I want to stay with you!

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